Good morning,
Yesterday we presented the musical “Behind The (manger) Scenes”.
Most of us know about the census, the busy town of Bethlehem, Jesus being born in a stable, the visits from the shepherds and the wise men.  We hear this story each Christmas and it is a wonderful story.  

There were several lines from the songs that resonated with me:
Prince of Peace, Mighty God, the Alpha and Omega, Emmanuel, our God with us.
All creation held it’s breath when suddenly, Your light came breaking through the darkness waking every heart with Heaven singing Joy unto the World.
Hope is hear, so lift your eyes and see His glory and splendor.
Come thou long expected Jesus, born to see your people free
Our Creator and Our Maker somehow sleeping in a manger……..only God!
Hear is our Savior, here is our Christ
Love came down
No room for a baby, we pushed you away, now all this years later and not much has changed….
But Lord there is mercy because what you’ve done and there in that stable is where it begun….
The darkness was deep but never hopeless. Redemption came and His name is Jesus
Light of the world, the reason for Christmas Day.

We are part of God’s story  (not behind the scenes) and we must remember that that baby became a man….went to the Cross for our sins, and rose again so that we can have everlasting life with Him.
So this season, as you celebrate with family and friends, let’s be a part of the story and let people know that despite all that has happened, no matter the choices we have made, God’s love and mercy is sufficient to free us from our sins and give us Eternal Life.

Steve Garland had an MRI and will be having surgery on Dec 22nd.  He is in extreme pain so prayers please for pain relief until 22nd and for a successful surgery.

Brynnley Niederhaus is a Sonshine kids preschooler who has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain mass.  Prayers for comfort for Brynnley and for the family as they spent the next months with Brynnley.

Prayers please for wisdom as the school districts work to provide the best learning environment for our children during this covid-19 pandemic.

Please keep all the missionaries in your prayers as this covid-19 flows through their communities.  Some countries are less equipped to handle a pandemic due to crowding, poor sanitation conditions, and weak infrastructure.  Pray these missionaries stay safe and are able to minister to people and show the love of Jesus during this time.  

Attached is this week’s prayer list.ANNOUNCEMENT:
There are several Christmas cards in the mailboxes located in the fellowship hall.  If you have not been attending church and would like to receive your cards, the church office is open each morning, Monday thru Friday, from 9 am – 11 am.  If you would like to just drive up, when you arrive call me – 317.697.2734 on Mon and Tues, or Vic – 317.861.6525 on Wed thru Fri and we will be happy to bring your cards out to your car.
We have received a letter from Oblong Children’s Home dated Dec 8th.  It is posted on the bulletin board.  It personifies that our gift giving is so vital and allows for God’s love to be shared with the hurting and broken. Take a moment to read it.
Upcoming Events:

Wednesday:   Stepping Stones dinner 6:00 pm; Bible Study 6:45 pm
Sunday:         Bible Study 9:15 am                                       

Christmas Greeting Cards:  There are still cards available on the table at the back of the sanctuary.  Please take whatever you need.
Masks during Worship:  Please be considerate of others and wear a mask when you are moving around in the sanctuary or foyer.  If you prefer not to wear a mask during worship, please sit on the south side and then remove your mask. Thank you.