Good morning,
Jesus’ prayer in John 17:1-26 is typically divided into three parts:
            Jesus’ Prayer for Himself           John 17:1-5
            Jesus’ prayer for the disciples   John  17:6-19
            Jesus’ prayer for all believers.   John  17:20-26

    As Jesus prays for himself He looks toward heaven.  He ask the Father to reflect His glory through His Son.  The idea is to reveal God’s character.  
So when our actions reveal God’s splendor, we glorify Him, we point people to God.  Are we doing the work God is calling us to do so that we can glorify Him?

    When Jesus prays for His disciples He is saying “Lord, I’ve done all I came to do,  now Father, it’s all in your hands.”  An applicable analogy is raising our children.  We protect and guide them while they are at home.  When you move out, for college, or jobs, we must then trust God to take care of them.
Jeus prays for the safety of His disciples, and also that they will have JOY!   He didn’t pray that they wouldn’t be persecuted.  Jesus knew that they would encounter trouble.  His prayer was that they remain faithful during the troubled times.

    When Jesus prays for all believers, that is you and me.  Can you believe, that before we were born, Jesus knew, and was concerned about, what we would need to live on this earth.  Jesus prayed for unity among believers.  In many ways we have failed, allowing minor disagreements to separate us and failing to be good witnesses to the world, failing to reveal His glory.

Unity is one of the most effective ways to reach people who do not know Jesus.  Despite our different denominations we should be united under the message of Jesus Christ.  That He came, died, and rose again for each one of us.  Our hope is filled with nothing less, than Jesus Christ, our Righteousness.
Jesus prayed that we will be one, because we love one another, just as He commanded His followers to do.  And, when we love one another, when we are one, the world will believe in Jesus.
Prayer Requests:Please continue to lift up the prayer requests listed in your bulletinRemember to pray for the children whose names you drew.Please continue to lift up the Black family in prayer.Please continue to lift up Carol Boyers and her family in prayer.Les Stallings is in Community East.  There is improvement in his condition. Prayers for continued healing.

Upcoming Events:
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Thursday                 10:00 am  Bible Study at church   
Sunday                    10:20 am Palm Sunday Service                                Sunday                    Pitch-in lunch following worship
Easter Sunday, April 21st.  Below are the songs we will sing on Easter Sunday morning
        He Lives – Hymn
        Build My Life by Matt Redman
        At the Cross (Love Ran Red)        Hallelulah For the Cross by C. McClarney, B. Glover
        The Cross of Christ by R. Morgan, C Tomlin.

Several of these songs are new to us and are available on YouTube if you want to familiarize yourself with the songs and prepare your heart for Easter Sunday morning worship.KEENAGERS DAY at Camp Allendale – May 14th  See bulletin board for more information.
SAVE THE DATE: Cane Ridge, Kentucky.June 9thFree event:  Luxury coach, 2 mealsPlease complete the attendence form in this week’s bulletin.
REMINDER:  Summer is almost here and that means CHURCH CAMP (Mahonning Valley and Camp Allendale)! Be sure to register early.  Registration forms for Mahonning Valley are on the table at the back of the Sanctuary