Good morning,
Yesterday, Todd presented a wonderful history of the Acropolis of Athens, providing photos and his own personal encounters with this ancient buildings and ruins. He told us of the many gods worshiped in Greek mythology and showed us the various areas dedicated to these gods.
It was into this city full of idols (greek methology type) that Paul was taken after the Jews sent him from Berea, because they believed he was agitating the crowds and stirring them up.  Acts 17:13-18.
When Paul proclaimed Jesus and the resurrection, the Epicureans and the Stoic philosophers thought he was presenting some new deities.  It was in response to their request for more information that Paul gave his 3 minute speech that included everything we (as in you and I) need to share about God and Jesus…. everything from creation, the fall of man, to the sending of the Messiah, to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, to the end time judgement of the world.  Acts 17:22-18:1.
Many considered Paul’s words and wanted to hear more.  Others scoffed, others left.
It is the same today.  When we share the gospel, we may have some who want to hear more.  Others may scoff and others may walk away.
So what should we do?  
1. We need to study Paul’s words in Acts 17:22-18:1.  Memorize as much as possible and use this as a basis for sharing the gospel.  
2. We need to remember that without Jesus, people are lost.  If we do not tell them, who will?
3. We must live our lives so that God is glorified and others will see and ask what is different about us.
Prayer Requests:Please continue to lift up the prayer requests listed in your bulletinRemember to pray for the children whose names you drew.Hospice has been called for Ella Newland, mom of Sue Fawbush.  Prayers please.Joe Harter is scheduled for surgery in November.Travel mercies for Todd this week and for others also traveling  

Several of our church members have lost loved ones this year.  Please continue to lift up the following families in your prayers:
Carolyn & Tom Black  (daughter Alex)Carol Boyers (husband David)Connie Walsh (husband Roger)Joyce & Mike Blaisdell (Joyce’s mom, Alberta Spitter)Cheryl and Steve Kershaw (Cheryl’s mom, Joan Grider)Vic Tucker (wife Barbara)
Upcoming Events:
                Tuesday                       1:30 pm  Ladies Bible Study at church
                Wednesday                  6:00 pm  Dinner 6:45 pm Bible Study
                Thursday                    10:00 am  Bible Study at church 
                                                     6:30 pm  Blankets for the Homeless 

                                                     6:45 pm  Board meeting

                Friday                          10:00 am  Scrapbooking at church

                Saturday                      10:00 am Scrapbooking at church


We will take 2 trips to the  Ark Encounter in Cincinnati,  Thursday October 17th and Saturday October 26th.  If you would like to go and have not already done so, please complete the back of the attendance sheet in your bulletin this Sunday. More details will be available soon.
All Church Cleaning Days:  Friday October 18th and Saturday October 19th.  9:00 am.  Breakfast and snacks available.  Please join us if you can spare an hour or two.
Song books along with a CD are now available.  Please collect one from the Secret Sister table.  While many of us are not blessed with wonderful singing voices (like me), collectively we can make a joyful noise to the Lord.  Please consider joining the choir for fun, fellowship, and the opportunity to participate in this year’s Christmas musical, C.A.K.E.  (Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment). Rehearsals will begin soon.    Newsletter for October has been printed.  Please check your church mailbox located in the fellowship hall.