Senior Minister/Preacher

Community Christian Church

c/o Search Committee

3123 S. 500 W.

New Palestine, IN 46163



Community Christian Church was started in 1964. We have always been a strong supporter of missions, supporting missionaries in 7 different countries, and going on short term mission trips every few years. Average attendance for Sunday morning worship is around 100.

Staff includes a full time Sr. Minister, a full time Family Life Minister, and 2 part time administrative assistants.

New Palestine is a commuter town or “bedroom community” located about 7 miles east of Indianapolis. Most people commute to work in Indianapolis, as there are not a lot of businesses in New Palestine itself.

More than half of the congregation lives outside of the New Palestine area, with members coming from Greenfield (the county seat) and Indianapolis. The youth in our congregation come from 3 or 4 different school districts.

The church has a preschool with around 60 students, and a staff of 9 teachers and assistants.

The Sugar Creek Township has a population of over 16,000. Fewer than 3000 of them live within the city limits of New Palestine. Community Christian Church is actually located outside of the city limits. The community has a rural feel, although most of the farmland is being converted to housing. Hundreds of new homes are being built in several new developments in the Sugar Creek Township. The community is growing, and provides a great opportunity for our church to grow along with it.

Southern Hancock schools are ranked in the top 10% of all schools in the state of Indiana. There are over 3700 students in grades K-12. There is also a robust Home School community in Sugar Creek Township.


  • Professes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and is an immersed believer.
  • Submits to Scripture as the authoritative word of God.
  • Continually pursues an intimate, transforming relationship with God
  • Leads a life “above reproach” (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9)
  • Considers this position a ministry, not just a job
  • Practices healthy relational boundaries
  • Practices fiscal integrity
  • Healthy work ethic (balances time for work, family, and personal spiritual growth)


  • Bible College Degree (Bachelor’s preferred)
  • Christian Church (Restoration Movement) background strongly preferred
  • Several years of ministry experience, preferably as a lead pastor
  • Value prayer and hold a high view of Scripture
  • Ability to understand and be led by the Holy Spirit
  • Must have a strong faith, characterized by spiritual maturity, discernment, and integrity


  • The Minister shall serve as the resident evangelist of the church
  • The Minister, with the assistance of the Elders and Deacons, shall minister to the sick and distressed members of the congregation (including hospital visits, shut-ins, etc.)
  • The Minister shall be an ex-officio member of all committees or ministry teams
  • The Minister shall have voting privileges on the Church Board in all matters except the continuing or discontinuing of the Minister’s services and/or pertaining to his office
  • The Minister shall have a right to expect and request the assistance and support of the congregation, the Elders, and Church Board
  • Be the primary preacher/teacher on Sunday mornings
  • Serve as an elder, and work closely with all other elders to identify needs of the church body
  • Pray for the spiritual needs of the congregation
  • Disciple and train current and future church leaders (elders and deacons)
  • Pursue regular professional development (conferences, seminars, etc.)
  • Be available for spiritual counseling/coaching (make referrals if necessary)
  • Be available for religious ceremonies (weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.)
  • Commitment to domestic/international mission trips
  • Actively involved in the community.
  • Willing to minister to those outside the church, as well as those who attend.
  • Oversees the daily operations of the church


  • Experience with a multi-generational approach to ministry preferred
  • Active role in church communications (website, livestream, social media, newspaper, etc.)
  • Assist in budget creation and other financial obligations of the church